Project Profiles

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John Deere

RTA’s Rep from Iowa, Chad Baker, was able to secure an opportunity to bid on the John Deere complex in Moline, Illinois in 2016. The size of the roof was the largest that RTA had done thus far, totaling approximately 5 million square feet. Project Manager Cody Atkinson, along with President Kynan Wynne and a senior engineer did a presentation and complimentary site walk of the premises.


Over one mile of guardrail


The John Deere campus in Moline features many roof levels accessible by ladders affixed to the outside of the building. This roof access required workers to approach an unprotected roof edge every time they came up or down the ladder. Rooftop Anchor was contracted to create fall protected areas on the rooftop surrounding the ladder access point. John Deere also wanted their site to be OSHA compliant, providing a safe workplace for daily maintenance.

RTA developed a comprehensive plan to help John Deere come into safety and OSHA compliance by designing a full perimeter guardrail system, and some smaller guardrail sections in more remote areas of the roof. RTA also installed self-closing gates to protect employees from falls that might occur from accessing the roof from ladders.

RTA installed over a mile of guardrail to meet and exceed John Deere’s needs, and because of the success of the project, John Deere has continued to work with RTA on additional jobs to date. After the initial job, RTA provided guardrail materials for several other buildings and in 2018, installed another guardrail system for their Tool Room on the interior of the facility. We are presently working on another large scale guardrail contract in Greenville, Tennessee. For that project, RTA is providing a Horizontal Lifeline System to provide safe access for maintenance workers on a low-sloped roof.

At RTA, it is our goal to provide great customer service, professional engineering, quality products and installation, and ongoing safety education. Contact us for more information.


Palms Casino

One of our RTA Certified Installers, Dave Pasco, was instrumental in bringing us the Palms Casino job in Las Vegas, Nevada early summer of 2018.  The Palms Casino opened in 2001 and has become a popular hotel and entertainment destination near the Las Vegas Strip. Extensive glass, requiring regular cleaning, and decorative architectural features made this a challenging custom job for RTA.


Suspended Access


The main problems the Palms Casino faced were needing suspended access for window cleaners that didn’t interfere with a public access patio where patrons were often seated. Another challenge was a tall, decorative glass guardrail along the perimeter of the roof that posed a challenge in rigging suspension lines for window cleaning. The client also didn’t want the anchors to be visible and disrupt the aesthetics of their space.

In order to provide solutions for the client, RTA provided custom, removable wall anchors that could be concealed within the existing wall. They also designed and supplied a custom pinned outrigger beam that was telescoping and could be utilized at a distance between 7-21 feet from the wall anchors. This outrigger beam was also designed to go over the top of the decorative glass guardrail and could be broken down and stored off site when not in use.

RTA was able to resolve all the concerns presented by the general contractor and completed this project in a timely manner, considering all of the customizations for the outrigging system.

The Palms Casino has a lot of glass and can now be cleaned with safe access and without anchorages and rigging in view.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame is located in South Bend, Indiana and has tens of thousands of visitors annually to its scenic campus. It has a student body of over 12,000 drawn from all 50 states, and more that 1,300 international students from 100 countries.

Campus-wide compliance


Notre Dame initially contacted Rooftop Anchor in 2014 to bring some buildings into safety compliance. Upon the completion of one building, the University had a strong commitment to bringing more buildings into the same compliance, and continued to use Rooftop Anchor as their fall protection partner. In early spring of 2018, Notre Dame made plans and allocated a budget for bringing all the remaining 100 buildings on campus into safety compliance with the needed fall protection where hazards existed.  

Because the University was very serious about providing safe access to all roof levels for internal employees as well as contractors, they wanted to have all parties from the University that had individual interests involved in the initial phases. The Senior Project Manager in Facility and Design, the Rep from the Risk Management department, the In-house Certified Safety Specialist and the Health & Safety Specialist were all a part of the discussion, planning, and vision for the large-scale project. For Rooftop Anchor, this was a perfect scenario to have everyone involved from the start, which made the process flow easily and quickly.

Rooftop Anchor provided designs for all the buildings on campus which included horizontal lifelines, guardrail, roof hatch safety railings, and ladders as well as access and egress solutions. Because Rooftop Anchor provides turnkey fall protection solutions and has a robust product offering, as well as engineering, installation, and certification, Notre Dame is a very satisfied customer and keeps coming back to us for more.