SafePro Roof Hatch Safety

SafePro Roof Hatch


    Durable Construction
    Galvanized, 14 gauge steel, gray primed finish
    Interior locking feature for added safety
    Compression springs & handle for assisted open and close
    Pre-drilled holes for simple install of Roof Hatch Safety Rails
    Pre-assembled automatic roof hatch opener available
    Hatch comes with base primer coat, ready for you to paint the color of your choice

SafePro Roof Hatch Safety Rail


    OSHA compliant and guaranteed to last five years.
    Self-closing gate provides two additional ladder rungs for safe egress and ingress.
    Simple install with ten bolts and four pieces.
    Gate access options for either the front or side of the roof hatch.
    Standard Sizes: 30x36 | 36x36 | 30x54 | 48x48 | 30x96
Tech Data Sheet

SafePro Automatic Roof Hatch Opener


    OSHA/CAL-OSHA compliant
    Automatically open, close, lock, and unlock
    Retrofit to most hatch brands
    Restrict unauthorized rooftop access
    Simple installation, doable with common tools
    110VAC standard power
    Integration possible with most security systems
    Access by Remote Control, Keypad or Access Card