During the 2000s a group of rooftop professionals with years in the industry grew more and more concerned about the extraordinary number of commercial rooftops that lacked basic fall protection. In 2009 they decided to create Rooftop Anchor on the premise that all rooftops and work areas should have purpose-built technology to protect workers from easily preventable harm.

Today, Rooftop Anchor is an industry-leading provider of rooftop safety solutions. Based in Heber City, Utah, we collaborate with building owners and architects to engineer, manufacture, and install custom rooftop technology. Our engineers design systems for a variety of applications, and we are known across the country as an industry leader in OSHA compliance.



Falls are one of the leading causes of traumatic workplace injury in the United States. In 2016, there were 384 fatalities (almost half of all work-related deaths) and a staggering 48,000 serious injuries per year due to falls. According to OSHA, individuals working at four feet or above are at risk, and the law requires that facility owners and managers provide protection for these workers.


Fall protection is far more than beams, anchors, and bolts. It is a complete system designed for a specific application. Rooftop Anchor provides these solutions from concept to completion, for both new buildings and retrofit projects. We work with you to develop and maintain effective fall protection systems that comply with current OSHA and ANSI regulations.


Suspended Access

Who’s it for?
Window washers and building facade maintenance workers most commonly use suspended access fall protection.

What does it do?
Suspended access fall protection gives users safe access to the sides of buildings. It is a fall arrest system, meaning that it keeps workers safe in a situation where a fall would be inevitable.

A davit arm that extends from a rooftop to support a platform or bosun chair below is an example of suspended access fall protection.


Rooftop Access

Who’s it for?
Anyone who needs rooftop access—facility engineers, HVAC technicians, or other maintenance crews are just a few examples.

What does it do?
Rooftop access fall protection uses a harness, lanyard, and an engineered anchorage to provide travel restraint and keep workers from slipping or tripping over the edge of a roof or through holes or openings on a roof.

A horizontal lifeline system can be installed on a rooftop so a worker may clip into the system using a harness and lanyard. This allows them to have safe and hands-free movement along the length of the lifeline system.



Who’s it for?
Overhead fall protection is typically used in interior applications, as well as locations where rolling stock is loaded, tarped, or maintained.

What does it do?
Overhead fall protection minimizes the distance needed to arrest a fall and is the optimal solution to situations when there is minimal fall clearance.

Inside an airplane hangar, an overhead system can provide an OSHA compliant and user-friendly fall protection system over the wings and fuselage, all while taking into consideration the challenges associated with minimal fall clearance.


Passive Fall Protection

Who’s it for?
Anyone working at height, including rooftop workers, construction workers, or maintenance crews, can be safely protected by guardrails.

What does it do?
A guardrail meets all of OSHA’s requirements for safety at height, with no training or special equipment required.

A guardrail can be fixed, modular, or portable. It can be installed along the perimeter of a roof, on a balcony, around a skylight, a roof hatch, or used at a temporary worksite.



These products allow free pivot motion off of a single or multiple anchor points. This system may be required for suspended operations or can prevent a worker from reaching an unprotected edge while working at height. Axis Anchor Products typically require site specific engineering.


These products provide maximum protection when lateral movement is necessary. This product category contains solutions for suspended access, rooftop access, and overhead fall protection.


These are passive protection devices designed to set boundaries within which individuals may work safely without the need for additional training, harnesses, or rigging.

Weathertite™ Systems

• Fall protection anchorage with built-in flashing system

• Compatible with and accepted by all roofing manufacturers

• Alternative to heavy ballast, pitch pans, and time-consuming flashing

• Advanced engineering goes into each of our products, providing you with a faster, simpler, and smarter way to install rooftop systems

• Installation is approximately five minutes per attachment

• Installation of Weathertite is consistent with traditional roof details

• Anchorages are completely watertight at roof height

• Each attachment has a brand-specific solution that, when properly installed, allows roof warranties to continue

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