Our story and culture

Our story

One night in 2009, two men were talking around a campfire. Those two men were Nate Sargent, who was experienced in rooftop accessories, and Kynan Wynne, who was experienced in fall protection. Both of them had found success working on and around rooftops for many years, but they had noticed the same thing - most rooftops lacked adequate fall protection, with many not having any fall protection solutions at all. They agreed that there was a dire need in the market for greater education and accessibility when it came to fall protection requirements and products. That year Rooftop Anchor (RTA) was born with the objective of becoming the best solution to fall protection needs.

The company started small in Salt Lake City, Utah, where it saw rapid growth and after a couple of years relocated to the beautiful mountain valley of Heber City, Utah, where it shared a brand new 33,000 square foot facility with its sister company MIRO Industries. RTA continued to grow at a rapid pace until in 2017 they purchased and relocated to a nearby 22,000 square foot facility, where they are currently located.

At the tail end of 2021 RTA was acquired by Diversified Fall Protection, another leader in the fall protection space and a company that shared a very similar culture and drive for innovation and improvement in the industry.

Our culture

Since RTA opened its doors, people have frequently commented about our culture and work environment, and how it is different than anyplace they had seen before. Being a part of RTA has always felt like family. As the company has grown, so has this intangible quality. People at RTA care for one another and they recognize that working here is about more than just putting in the time and going home. What we do at work is part of a greater purpose, and it shows.

On the surface Rooftop Anchor is just a name for a business. But at its core Rooftop Anchor truly is something much more important - special people. People with unique interests, talents, backgrounds and aspirations. People who care deeply for one another. These people have come together to form a remarkable team, and this team of special people is what makes RTA so unique.

We like the TEAM acronym.


This mentality allows us to understand that our efforts working as a team are much more impactful and effective. As it is often said, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

We make an active effort to encourage the growth of our unique and special company culture. This includes ensuring that new employees will be a great fit for the RTA team and understand the importance of working together for something significant.

Rooftop Anchor day shift

Our values

We understand that it is critical to define our values if we are to maintain the same culture as the company grows. We also strive to ensure that every employee knows and embodies these values in their day-to-day contributions. Our core values are:

We're results driven

  • We earn it every day
  • We get stuff done
  • We leave it better than we found it
  • We act with a sense of urgency
  • Everything has place and purpose
  • We welcome goals that stretch us personally and professionally
  • We are quick to take accountability and slow to blame others
  • We plan our work and we work our plan

We take people to higher ground

  • We are absolutely committed to serve, improving lives at home, in the community, and at work
  • We build up those around us
  • We demand fun at work
  • We inspire people to become the very best version of themselves
  • We earn our customers' appreciation
  • We acknowledge the role of others in our success
  • We have priorities and balance in our lives

We're always solution oriented

  • We bring ingenuity and innovation at every opportunity
  • We never settle
  • We lean into challenges
  • We do whatever it takes
  • We exist outside the box
  • We thirst for continual improvement
  • We expect to excel

As we continue to grow our sensitivity to these values and our ability to embody them in our daily lives will be key to unlocking our greatest potential. They will allow us to be the kind of company we want to be and have the positive impact we want to have on the world. We take great pride in these values and the knowledge that being a part of RTA means being a part of something great. We are fortunate to work in an industry where the work we do on a daily basis results in saving human lives.

Rooftop Anchor has a good business model that ensures we can survive - we have technical expertise, industry knowledge and experience, and a full-service business model that sets us apart from our competition. However, we know that with these qualities and the right culture, Rooftop Anchor is unstoppable.

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The Rooftop Anchor family