About Us

Who is Rooftop Anchor?

In 2009, two successful business men with backgrounds in fall protection and roofing accessories noticed a problem: an extraordinary number of commercial rooftops lacked basic fall protection. With nearly a quarter-million injuries and deaths caused by falls occurring annually in the United States, unsafe rooftops pose a serious threat to maintenance teams, window cleaners, and other workers.

That year, Rooftop Anchor was born on the premise that all rooftops and work areas should include purpose-built technology to protect workers from harm.

Today, Rooftop Anchor is an industry-leading provider of rooftop safety solutions. Based in Heber City, Utah, we collaborate with building owners, contractors, and architects to engineer, manufacture, and install custom rooftop technology. Our engineers design systems for a variety of applications, and we are known across the country as an industry leader in OSHA compliance.