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Engineered with a 4-1 safety factor
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Made in the USA
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Compliant with latest OSHA requirements

Axis Anchorage products give workers safe access to dangerous areas. While most often used on rooftops or building facades, we also install custom systems inside manufacturing facilities and other worksites. These products include anchorages, rigging sleeves, davit systems, outrigger beams, and others.

Weldable Rooftop Anchorage

Used on new steel frame construction, the Weldable Roof Anchorage is field-welded to structural beams. Web stiffeners and bracing can be applied for added strength.

Weldable Rooftop Anchorage 12"

Weldable Rooftop Anchorage 15"

Weldable Rooftop Anchorage 18"

Weldable Rooftop Anchorage 21"

Weldable Rooftop Anchorage 24"

Weldable Rooftop Anchorage Custom


The cast-in-place anchorage is used on concrete roofs. The embed and anchorage are placed during forming—before the concrete is poured—for a permanent, structural anchor point.

Cast-in-place Anchorage 12"

Cast-in-place Anchorage 15"

Cast-in-place Anchorage 18"

Cast-in-place Anchorage 21"

Cast-in-place Anchorage 24"

Cast-in-place Anchorage Custom


The Beam Wrap Anchor offers a solution when an adequate sized steel beam is available for attachment. These are typically used in retrofit applications when welding is not an option.

Beam-wrap Anchorage 12"

Beam-wrap Anchorage 15"

Beam-wrap Anchorage 18"

Beam-wrap Anchorage 21"

Beam-wrap Anchorage 24"

Beam-wrap Anchorage Custom


Used on roof deck or floor slabs where the thickness and strength of the concrete is adequate, the Epoxy Anchorage is attached with stainless steel rods and secured using certified adhesive systems.

Epoxy Anchorage 12"

Epoxy Anchorage 15"

Epoxy Anchorage 18"

Epoxy Anchorage 21"

Epoxy Anchorage 24"

Epoxy Anchorage Custom


The Bolt-through Anchorage is used on roof or floor slabs that are made of structural concrete. The anchor is attached through the deck with bolts, back plates, lock washers, and nuts

Bolt-through Anchorage 12"

Bolt-through Anchorage 15"

Bolt-through Anchorage 18"

Bolt-through Anchorage 21"

Bolt-through Anchorage 24"

Bolt-through Anchorage Custom


Wood Deck Rooftop Anchorage 12"

Wood Deck Rooftop Anchorage 15"

Wood Deck Rooftop Anchorage 18"


The Force Management Anchorage offers tremendous versatility due to its abililty to attach to many different kinds of roof deck regardless of structure available. This anchor is classified as a deforming anchor (tipover style). The unique energy absorbing system inside this anchor reduces the overturning moment on the structure by over half (compared with a typical rigid anchor). Their only limitation is they cannot be used for suspended access. These are ideal, however, for retrofit projects.


Wall anchorages are available in a variety of models and capable of attaching to a vertical substrate above the roof.

Epoxy Wall Anchorage

Bolt-through Wall Anchorage

Beam-wrap Wall Anchorage

Weldable Wall Anchorage

Cast-in-place Wall Anchorage


Pipe wrap anchorages offer a tie-off solution when structurally adequate steel tube or columns are available. These are particularly helpful when existing stanchion anchors have undersized loops.


Weathertite systems

Weathertite Systems can be installed in as little as five minutes per base and are waterproofed at roof-height, featuring integrated, manufacturer-approved flashing.

Weathertite Anchorage

These are single point anchorages that allow maximum flexibility, ensuring workers have uncompromised access for all aspects of roof inspection and maintenance.


Undermount anchorages attach to the underside of a wood truss on a sloped roof and have a swiveling stainless steel loop for 360-degree access.


Use these kits on open web joist framing and other conditions in which the structure is insufficient to provide the necessary strength for fall arrest events.


Rigging Sleeves are a structural conduit, and are designed to allow proper rigging configurations when building features obstruct safe access to work areas. These systems are specifically designed to accommodate building layout and worker access requirements.

Rigging Sleeves can provide a solution to safely reach difficult access points such as atriums, roof overhangs, cornices, facade step-backs, interior walls, and unique or protruding architecture. A variety of models are available, all designed to support powered platforms, single worker cages, or powered bosun chairs.


Pinned outrigger beams utilize our Axis Anchorages instead of counterweights to secure them to the rooftop. These provide peace of mind for building owners by reducing the risk of window cleaners damaging expensive non-structural architectural elements like louvers, eyebrows, sun shades, awnings, glass railing or non-loading bearing parapets.

Pinned Outrigger Beams are routinely used to support rope descent systems, powered platforms, single worker cages or powered bosun chair access. These are ideal on retrofit projects because, unlike davits, they typically don’t require the same degree of bracing and reinforcing. These can also be conveniently and easily repositioned and stored out of view after use.


Davit arms are traditionally associated with suspending powered platforms from buildings, but they are also useful for rope descent systems by creating a suspension point outboard of architectural elements like louvers, eyebrows, sun shades, awnings, glass railing and non-loading bearing parapets.

These systems are most frequently designed into new construction projects because they required substantial structure around the perimeter of the building. We routinely design davits to support rope descent systems, powered platforms, single worker cages or powered bosun chairs. Similiar to Outrigger Beams, these can be conveniently and easily repositioned and stored out of view.


Mini davit systems are lighter, smaller, and more mobile, and can be installed to access hard-to-reach areas. Mini davit systems have the same attributes of the davits described above.


Davit Socket
Weldable Davit Base
Bolt-through Davit Base
Beam-wrap Davit Base