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Why Rooftop Anchor?

Since 2009, Rooftop Anchor has been dedicated to changing the fall protection landscape in order to make at-height environments safe for every worker in America. We do this in a number of ways: Firstly we provide education to industry influencers and building owners about regulations and best practices for fall protection systems. Next we build quality products and have a full-service business model to make meeting these regulations and standards a fail-safe process for anyone who works with us. And lastly we understand that there is always room for improvement in any industry so we continue to innovate with new products and designs to make safety at height easier and more assured than ever.

We operate under the following values:

  • We're results driven.
  • We take people to higher ground.
  • We're always solution oriented.

To learn more about our company and our values, click here.

We make a promise to ensure customer and user satisfaction and the very highest standards for our service and products for each and every business that we get to work with. We take great pride in knowing that the work we do each day results in the protection and saving of human lives.

3 Part Spec

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