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A Davit system is installed around the perimeter of the rooftop and is designed to suspend self-powered platforms, cages, or even bosun chairs. Rooftop Anchor’s design team will work with a project’s engineer to ensure the building is capable of withstanding the large loads generated by davits.

Whether new construction or retrofit, davit systems are being used more and more on buildings of all heights to address protruding features on building facades such as shade louvers, eyebrows, sun shades, awnings, glass curtain walls and non-load bearing parapets. Davit systems allow suspension points to be located away from a building so that wire cables and safety lines do not load or damage architectural features.


Davit arms are traditionally associated with suspending powered platforms from buildings, but they are also useful for rope descent systems by creating a suspension point outboard of architectural elements like louvers, eyebrows, sun shades, awnings, glass railing and non-loading bearing parapets.

These systems are most frequently designed into new construction projects because they required substantial structure around the perimeter of the building. We routinely design davits to support rope descent systems, powered platforms, single worker cages or powered bosun chairs. Similiar to Outrigger Beams, these can be conveniently and easily repositioned and stored out of view.


Mini davit systems are lighter, smaller, and more mobile, and can be installed to access hard-to-reach areas. Mini davit systems have the same attributes of the davits described above.


Davit Socket
Weldable Davit Base
Bolt-through Davit Base
Beam-wrap Davit Base