Rooftop Anchor, Inc. COVID-19 Operational Policies

Rooftop Anchor owners and management are keenly aware of the challenges thrust upon so many individuals, families, companies, communities and countries at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering, and our efforts are directed at helping in our community however we can. We have a strong belief in the resiliency of the American spirit and know that together, we will pull through this crisis.

In spite of the upheaval around us, Rooftop Anchor is fortunate to be classified as an essential business because we manufacture and supply other essential businesses with the support or materials necessary to operate. Specifically, the products manufactured by RTA are used in the construction industry and in essential infrastructure to comply with federal- and state-mandated regulations which exist for the purpose of saving lives. Our products are also used in a variety of essential businesses from airport operations (SLC Airport), military bases, research facilities, manufacturing businesses, warehousing, transportation hubs, healthcare facilities, water treatment plants, and oil, gas and electricity providers. According to our local ordinance, Rooftop Anchor may continue operating provided our employees comply with the health department’s recommendations on flattening the curve, such as practicing social distancing, wearing personal protective equipment, and working from home when possible.

In addition to providing products to essential businesses, RTA is still performing installations in states across the country. We acknowledge that several states have issued temporary shelter-in-place orders requiring people to stay home unless they work in essential businesses. The majority of those states have identified construction as an essential business that should remain in operation. RTA is continually monitoring this and will always adhere to the applicable government directives and recommendations. We place our employee’s health, safety, and well-being above all else and want everyone to understand that RTA is working diligently to ensure that CDC guidelines are followed on our projects. We are adhering to social distancing guidelines on the jobsite. We have required our Installation crews to wear the additional recommended PPE at all times, practice frequent handwashing or sanitizing, avoid touching their faces, frequently clean their tools, and to avoid tool sharing whenever possible. When tool sharing is unavoidable, tools are sanitized between uses.

We are also striving to be responsible members of our community by spending money with local businesses, generating sales tax revenue, and, most importantly, by ensuring many dozens of families in our community are still receiving paychecks.

Although RTA has adjusted our operations to ensure we can safely continue to work, many of our suppliers have been affected by this pandemic. This has created delays in our supply chain. In most instances, the impact will be minimal. If your project schedule is potentially impacted, your assigned project manager will be contacting you to discuss options.

We understand the burden that these measures place on our employees and supply chain partners, as well as our customers. We hope you know that our goal is always to be responsible stewards of your trust. We welcome and appreciate your thoughts as we continue to navigate these unprecedented circumstances.