Sector guardrail systems

Intuitive, hassle-free rooftop safety and compliance.

Our easy-to-install guardrail systems provide building owners with peace of mind, and their employees with the safety they deserve.

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Portable Guardrail Systems

Rooftop Anchor's portable guardrail systems are code-compliant, non-penetrating counterweighted guardrail sections that are easy and quick to set up. Ideal for temporary applications, these guardrail panels allow for worker safety on the rooftop without any need for prior training or PPE.

Quick and easy installation

Portable Guardrail systems come 5 foot, 8 foot, and 10 foot sections. They are incredibly easy to install, making for a hassle-free code-compliant rooftop!

Ideal for Temporary applications

Whether it's construction or maintenance, Portable Guardrail is the ideal solution for temporary work environments. For more permanent applications, check out our Modular Guardrail.

Easy to move and transport

Since the only step in setting up the guardrail is connecting the panels to the counterweighted bases, these guardrail systems are exceptionally easy to move from one location to another if needed.
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Portable vs. Modular

We have two variations of safety guardrail available - Portable and Modular. Each has its own strengths and benefits.
Features Portable Modular
Ideal for permanent applications
Ideal for temporary/construction applications
Available in fixed applications (to the roof deck or a structural parapet/wall)
Custom fit at all connection points using StrongTite components
Available in 5-foot, 8-foot, and 10-foot sections
Site-specific system design
Meets OSHA safety standards
Uses non-penetrating Rooftop Anchor counterweighted guardrail base
Available in galvanized or safety yellow powder coated finishes (additional powder coating colors available)
Offers passive safety without the need for training/annual inspections
User does not require a harness/lanyard

Modular Guardrail Systems

Modular Guardrail Systems are site-specific custom safety systems that are ideal for permanent applications. They use Rooftop Anchor's StrongTite connectors to build a completely customizable, durable fall protection solution.

Ideal for permanent applications

Modular Guardrail Systems are a stronger alternative to Portable Guardrail, making them the ideal solution for applications that will need safety railing permanently installed on the rooftop.

Fully modular design

Due to the flexibility offered by our StrongTite guardrail connectors, Modular Guardrail is completely customizable to perfectly fit any rooftop situation.

Incredibly sturdy

The design of Modular Guardrail allows for incredibly strong connections at both guardrail connection points as well as from the guardrail to the base. This makes for a system that is much more stable than using guardrail panels.
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Rooftop Anchor is one of the nation's leading providers of code-compliant travel restraint and fall arrest systems. They specialize in turn-key safety solutions, including design, fabrication, installation, and inspection. They are a proud partner of 3M fall protection.