axis anchor products

    Outrigger beams, like Davit Systems, provide a practical and efficient means for suspending self-powered platforms, cages and bosun’s chairs. Outrigger beams are pinned directly to a roof anchor and are an ideal solution in situations where a building’s roof structure cannot withstand the significant loads generated by davit assemblies.


    Depending on the roof and facade features of a structure, an Outrigger Beam may be the best solution for suspended access rather than a traditional davit system.

    Outrigger Beams allow suspension points to be located away from a building’s architectural elements so that cables and safety lines do not load or damage these key features. During use, Outrigger Beams can be positioned and anchored in multiple work areas of a structure. When not in use, however, Outrigger Beams can be stored completely out of view, ensuring that they never interfere with aesthetics.