New Equipment: Ironworker and Laser

Rooftop Anchor’s (RTA) commitment to excellence has inspired us to invest our time and efforts in continuously designing, creating, and developing high quality fall protection solutions for our clients. In keeping with this commitment, we have recently acquired new equipment which will vastly improve the way we fabricate our products.
From now, RTA will have access to Prima Power’s Platino Fiber laser machine that will enable us to design and develop our materials with higher precision and faster turnaround times. This new equipment has a flexible manufacturing system and new suites of options which will allow us to satisfy just about any application requirement.
The Prima Power’s Platino Fiber laser machine took 7 days to install.
Used for fast cutting of thin sheets up to 5mm, SMART Cut
allows up to 30% reduction of cycle times.
MAX Cut is used to cut medium to thick gauge sheets and makes it possible to reduce processing times up to 40%.
For intensive production, NIGHT Cut grants higher piercing and cutting process safety.
Aside from the flexibility it offers, the Platino Fiber laser machine is also very efficient and user-friendly. Check out this versatile machine in action:
Aside from the Platino Fiber laser machine, RTA now also has access to the Ironworker from Trilogy Machinery. The reliable Ironworker integrates a cutter, two drill presses, and a metal bender all in one, eliminating the need for multiple machines.


Expect exciting developments in Rooftop Anchor’s work processes as we utilize these wonderful new machines. One thing is for certain: We will continue providing you, our valued clients, with the best customer service and fall protection solutions of the highest quality. Your satisfaction is our goal.