Frequently asked questions

  • Is Fall Protection necessary in our work environment?

    OSHA fall protection regulation for general industry stipulates that if a worker is exposed to a fall of 4 feet or greater they must utilize some form of fall protection. The fall hazard can be on a top of a building, suspended from a building, near a skylight, near a loading dock, mining operation, on an airport jet way or any other environment where a fall of 4 feet or greater is present.
  • What type of Fall Protection system do I need?

    The type of system will depend on the environment and work to be performed. Fall protection systems are divided into fall restraint (prevents user from reaching a fall hazard), fall arrest (arrest fall of user in the event of a fall) and suspended access for operating a motorized platform or other suspended equipment. Rooftop Anchor can recommend the best code compliant system(s) for your situation.
  • Can you address Fall Protection in an existing work environment?

    Yes, Rooftop Anchor works with new construction projects as well as retrofitting existing work locations to create effective fall protection systems solutions that are code compliant.
  • Do you offer custom solutions?

    Yes, Rooftop Anchor offers a complete line of fall protection products that will meet the needs of virtually any work environment. Our new 37,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility employs certified welders and also features state of the art plasma cutters that can fabricate custom fall protection systems for specific and unique applications.
    Yes, Rooftop Anchor provides an end-to-end solution. We directly employ installation specialists for our entire line of fall protection systems. Our installation crews have extensive experience in new construction and retrofit projects and will establish a timeline and approach that works best for you.
  • Can you install the Fall Protection system for our project?

    Rooftop Anchor is with you every step of the way. Once installed, Rooftop Anchor can work with you to develop an effective training program for workers, contractors and others who will be working at height or near a fall hazard. In addition, OSHA requires that fall protection system anchor points be certified and inspected on an annual basis. Rooftop Anchor's professional engineers can provide the services necessary to ensure your fall protection system remains code compliant.
  • How do I get started?

    Rooftop Anchor's professional engineering team offers a complimentary design service based on your project plans/drawings that will provide you the information and support to specify an effective fall protection system. To get started call 800.411.3914 or click here to use our contact form
  • When does a building or facility need fall permanent fall protection equipment?

    If the location where work is to be perform does not have a guardrail or parapet of 42”and is exposed to a fall of 4’ or greater, than utilizing fall protection equipment is a requirement.
  • Is my building required to have anchors or other equipment for window cleaning?

    Yes, if suspended operations must take place, a building is required to have permanent and dedicated anchors, which have been certified by a Qualified Individual.
  • Why do I need so many anchors? My window cleaner said they only need a few.

    Any time a window cleaner must suspend from a building he needs two independent anchor points for every descent he performs.  The spacing of the anchors is critical so as not to subject the window cleaner to a swing fall (pendulum effect) if he has a failure in his primary system.