What Type of Fall Protection

Different Solutions for Different Situations

Fall protection systems are generally categorized in one of the following three subgroups: Suspended Access, Rooftop Access or Overhead Fall Protection. Each is designed to accomplish very different things. Rooftop Anchor products generally fall into a single category. However in some cases a Rooftop Anchor product can be used in either type of system. For each product featured in this brochure, the following icons will identify if the product is designed for Suspended Access, Rooftop Access or Overhead Fall Protection.



Fall arrest systems are designed to provide two independent tie-off points required to support a suspended worker and capable of arresting a fall should one happen. These systems are typically used by window cleaners and other maintenance trades needing to access the exterior building façade. Suspended Access systems may include anchors, davits, rigging sleeves, monorails or outrigger beams.



This type of system provides workers a tie off point while working on a rooftop. This type of system can be split into two categories, fall restraint or fall arrest. Fall restraint systems prevent a user from reaching the edge of the roof, whereas a fall arrest system is used when fall restraint is not feasible.



Overhead systems are designed to substantially reduce fall distances. These systems can also span great distances and offer enhanced mobility over the entire length of the work zone. Overhead rigid rail systems offer further advantages due to virtually zero deflection and their ability to accomodate more workers without sacrificing safety.



Rooftop Anchor Inc., was founded by people with similar backgrounds. One worked in the commercial rooftop support systems and spent a lot of time on the top of buildings. The other was in the commercial window cleaning business and spent a lot of time hanging off the top of buildings. Going from building to building they both were amazed how inconsistent or non-existent fall protection systems were for workers operating at height.

They knew there had to be a better way and together formed Rooftop Anchor, Inc. Today, Rooftop Anchor is a recognized leader in OSHA compliant fall protection technology and guarantees the highest standards in the quality of its products and the performance of its systems.

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